Manage your time, without wasting your time.


Peace of mind

TaskMeUp orders and clean your tasks for you so you can focus on what's important during each day of your life.

Your resources, in one place

Keep track of everything you need to accomplish your goals: meetings notes, documents, urls.

Your tasks, your data

All your tasks can be managed by our full featured REST API. Create workflows, set reminders via external apps, you can be as creative as you want!

Why TaskMeUp?

Today's world is suffering from an information overflow. Its biggest strength is its own weakness and is easy to get trapped when working on your day to day work while keeping up to date with the latest trends and learning that new technology you have just heard about. With this context, is usual to have some sort of to-do lists or read it later app that just gets filled with a lot of stuff that seemed really important when you write them down but then never get attention anymore, our attention has become our most valuable yet most fragile resource. TaskMeUp helps you keep track with all of that without polluting your attention. You'll see your last five items created that require immediate action. Those items you don't interact with for a month, will get automatically hidden unless you look specifically for them. This way, you will always have in mind what's important without you having to do the cleanup yourself and helping you to not be overwhelmed with today's information overflow.